Friday, December 19, 2014

How's Jack?

How's Jack, I dream, I walk a-dazed,
I gather circumstance,
I gather courage to approach you,
one who said I wasn't who she thought.

I, aye, eye, am, is, are, tangled
in your special wonder.
The you who took me for
the ultimate lover, more, I thought, I guess,
but whose world extended far beyond
your realization, even though
you thought you knew,
the one you actualized every day;
the one with whom I traveled, never questioned, never asked
your special friends and places more than names.

Are you my Athena,
the one whose gifted silk and fashioned clothes I wear,
whose travel shared and with whom witnessed wonder, space,
the greatest city in the world, from another hemisphere,
yet with Jack and your gallaried art
living with a host who huddles darkened in her room,
in a constant, tv-lit cloud of weed?

No, you are your own no matter where. You are
the one I wanted and I the one
you imagined wanted you.
Too far away from wonderland
you fantasized us in a cloister,
and I imagined ecstasy there between us
measured in between your many paths.

Is anyone there
who has yet better met your test,
are you the object of my desire
and I of yours? In whom these words bring
out some electric spirit we both can share
Are you the one, electric magic paradise
Or are you my electric chair?

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