Wednesday, March 12, 2014


And now wacky am I, I thank you, mother, for 

the days I take no pill;

the oak table that folds upon itself,
a hinge, a turn, a hidden box 
containing nothing, a silence left to me alone;

the vaporous song echoing here from the 
dusty floor of a small house
in a village like so many.

I thank you that I somehow sing 

though rhythmns and their verses 
keep note and meaning but to me, 

through the doubt that song to my self 
in silence be song at all.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Vackra Svenska Flickor

Observing you, two beautiful Swedish girls called Ingrid and a friend,
we engaged in human physics, at the Deutches Museum,
two college friends denying the existence of god
and senseless domestic inhibitions on a mission abroad,
we studied history, science, art and Svenskar, and vackra Svenskar won.
We bought and unabashedly named an old Volksbug, 'Ingrid',
fondled her brazenly, drove our passions reckless
through luscious Europa's unquenchable body by day,
slept with the Ingrid who carried us and dreamed of embracing you.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Made explicit still, her wide brimmed hat and lovely dress
one afternoon in May,
captured in a mutual, unexpected wave goodbye,
never never understood, never sans regret.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Ginna spinning delight somewhere between cotton and blonde;
gentle, sweet, complicit in a prom or two,
we shared an assassination, a post grad fraterinity or two,
a sister's indiscretion, respected in cautions both observed.
Love, then hurt turned ruin by an innocent but uncommunicated choice
found to be the basic globe, cartography finite, to explore for my life.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Summer fare and crested day is only made by wintering spring
Growing red till slow magic, supple leaves and heat begin;
The pictures drawn in May, conceived in March, sprouted in A-pril
Bring gawky birds alive, dancers in the woods, streams and party life
pour through abstraction to reality we know and share.
A life creating family, art and home from painted canvas, skin and bone .


Tess is a female, fiercely alone,
spawning allure and irresistible desire,
a juggler of men, fueling their fire.
Tossing gifts toward their ends,
tossing flowers and fancy,
tossing caresses and perfume,
tossing their way to her, they aspire
to presume their dreams of her wanting for them were hers,
Men too often and their women, too,
realize her power and deceit too late;
Tess tossed her own.